Your Personal Growth Academy

About Us

The Coach Curl Academy has been the culmination of a vision of Tony “Coach” Curl. Tony had identified that many of his clients were looking for programs and courses from people they could trust. They identified that:

  • There was a lot of claims made about products and coaches
  • They were reluctant to invest in programs and coaches due to a lack of trust
  • Often they needed a suite of products to help enhance their mindset as well as developing specific skills in leadership and business.

Packed with Value


Over 20 Mindset programs to help you enhance your mindset. Our programs will:

  • Help you achieve goals
  • Help you overcome failure
  • Help you develop a mindset of success
  • Help you develop your personal roadmap
  • Help you be more motivated and encouraged to achieve more


Over 17 Leadership programs to help you build better leadership skills. Our Programs will:

  • Deliver skills for a first-time leader
  • Deliver greater execution and productivit
  • Deliver better communication skills
  •  Deliver Leadership authority
  • Develop skills and your own personal leadership model.


Over 21 business courses to help your business start and grow. Focused on:

  • Improving your social media marketing
  • Becoming a business authority
  • Becoming more resilient in business
  • Learn how to be more confident in decisions
  • Learn Google Secrets to set the SEO for your website

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